We should commend China for its forbearance and refusal to be drawn into war with the US. I am sure they are aware they are dealing with psychopaths who have seized control of the US government and the best they can do is hope that Washington's psychotic rage will exhaust itself. Washington is traumatized at the prospect that it is no longer the omnipotent superpower and will have to humble itself to being one among several world powers who must work together as a consortium pursuing world peace and progress.

The fall of empires is never gracious, more promising futures are birthed-- if we have the courage to actualize them.

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In a six-part series I wrote about previous Red Scares in the US, and their roots in the government's criminal anti-labor behaviors in the 20s and 30s, like the "Red Squad." The anti-labor thing merged with anti-communism, and here we are today all working for temp companies, or not working at all. Supposedly it was a SCOTUS decision that really began - the end - of the last Red Scare. https://archive.org/details/alt-news-during-the-3rd-red-scare Could it be reaffirmed, and send a ripple of reform through the justice dept? There is for example no concrete evidence of malign behavior by the Chinese government to warrant US military buildups in the region, and likewise for Russia, until US State Department directed, Ukrainian extreme military provocations against minorities in Ukraine reached a well-planned crescendo and bang yes the US successfully started a new war, Champaign for the folks at Langley, coffins for Ukraine and Russia.

And, everyone in the world is holding their breath "waiting for the other shoe to drop," and the US to instigate some military conflict in the South China Sea, while blaming China. The transfer of hatred from one manufactured enemy to another is the oldest trick in the US history playbook. So, while corporate CEOs and investors lick their chops, the rest of the world, every human life hang in the balance of ONE MISCALCULATION among all those thousands of complex systems in the South China Sea now. So, yep, I agree with President Xi.

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