I saw the stats some weeks ago and I was pretty impress by the proportions.

But I think that you guys should also add that American war industries make up a big chuck of GDP in USA and this is the first reason they keep starting new wars, Coups, proxy or not.

The second reason is that since the bloody new century (the one where all the hopes were destroyed by Bush & The Gang) wars are made to cover up huge economical problems, recessions. If you were old enough in 2001 you could remember that, as now or a year ago, we were at the edge of e new recession, all financial news were talking about that risk. But then magically Nazi Bush et al, came up with 9/11 then Afghanistan and Iraq wars.... Et voillà!

So USA has always a war in its hat instead of a rabbit...


Lehman Bros and Co could have failed some years before 2007/8 if there was no 9/11.... remember, remember the 11 September!

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All these expenses for what? For an army that has consistently lost every conflict in which it has been involved (except perhaps in Grenada) but believes itself to be the best army in the world. Hollywood and TV series sell the image of the best soldiers in the world, especially the Marines and the Special Forces. In reality, a series of retreats, with their tails down, and traumatized soldiers.

(For those who don't know, World War II was mostly won by the Soviet army. The American army faced a German army that had little to do with the one that had swept through the French army in May 1940. And yet, this exhausted army panicked the American command in the Ardennes. We could also come back to the Italian campaign where we cannot praise the American strategists, and I will throw a modest veil over the battle of the Pacific).

The American taxpayers pay the price of a Roll Royce, which turns out to be a cardboard cart.

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Hey, it's not like Dwight didn't warn us. The MIC is the scam that will probably get us all killed.

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And then gets other countries like Ukraine to fight its imperialist wars; and milks its 29 NATO members for billions more . Its called parasitism on steroids.

The word is Zelensky is going to get fired for losing his war.

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No mystery here: this is what empires do, especially ones in their death throes.

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The best/worst saved for last: “These irregularities in the Pentagon's accounting are larger than the entire US economy.

The US Department of Defense has failed every audit it has ever tried.

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Consider how much of that Pentagon military spending is WASTEFUL! E-CON-Omists already have a term for meaningless bloat in GDP: "Purchasing Power Parity". If the Pentagon thinks handing bundles of cash to corrupt delusional beltway power families is going to serve to "bring to heel" the global South.....think of "Purchasing Power Parity"! ....The beauty of Murica's logic is that they will ONLY SPEND MORE ON DEFENSE, WASTE MORE, and cut social spending MORE.

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