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Thank you for this report. I followed the 1MDB scandal and theft of billions of dollars from the fund. I was really impressed with how "Dr M" handled the very complicated process of dealing with the endemic and international corruption. What impressed most was how China responded to Dr M's approach to the issue and China's cooperation with him in trying to resolve the issue. China walked away from 22 billion in deals for high-speed rail and other projects which were seriously corrupted. It was a wonder of diplomacy unseen in the West (along with ASEAN diplomacy in negotiating RCEP). In fact Dr M actually had a Rothschild bank raided - the first time I've ever heard of that!

It was a beautiful thing to watch how Dr M and Xi worked things out, he went to China almost immediately upon taking office. The Face he earned and China earned throughout Asia by this diplomacy still remains. I really wonder if anyone in DC really understands the high regard over half the world has for Dr M and also for China.

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