Thanks Ben for the brilliant clarity you bring to the issues.

It is so tragic the US only sees the world in terms of warfare and conflict when they should be building building back better just like the Russians and Chinese . They fail to see endless conflict only weakens their best interests,, delays the day when they have to start re-inventing themselves, and refusing to accept the reality these two countries cannot be pushed out of existence like a couple of banana republics.

It is equally sorrowful the world community at large does not speak out with a stronger voice and make it clear it will not be held hostage to America's despotism.

As your video makes so we explicitly clear the whole world community is paying a horrendous price for America's egregious despotism at a time. ALL of us are facing daunting challenges on so many other global issues .

It appears Washington is playing the same old filthy game-- using warfare to distract from the critical issues at home it should be addressing-- and the failure to do only accelerates its decline.

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Please quit equivocating over who blew up Nordstream pipelines, it is as plain as day the US blew them up and then gloated about it publically.

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Thank You, Ben. Any chance We can get one of GeoPolitical Economy Report’s experts to educate us in Russia’s Freidrich List school of economics and how that affects / influences the Russia:China Alliance and BRICS❓

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