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"Take a number", AMLO!

The US State Depot just "endorsed" with open arms, a former suspected drug dealer (on US soil in the 90s) who had some 10 "humble" operating Citibank accounts as an immigrant in Chicago.......as president of oil producer Nigeria.


add that to the chummy US/UK involvement with the ever wonderful Paquistani Army, Egyptian President, see no evil approach to Indonesia, housing Brazilian dictator in Florida with proximate cocaine ties (https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/jair-bolsonaro-cocaine-g20-plane-drugs-entourage-brazil-silva-rodrigues-a8977141.html) ....etc etc...

Take a number, AMLO!

What do you think the Stayt Depot "budget" is used for...?

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This is very encouraging as the world needs more leaders like ALMO who will stand up to the US as it must be held accountable for its interventions which have gone on for too long .

It is too bad the US has the UN in its hip pocket as it could be a powerful force for the emerging multipolar world order... as it is the UN may suffer the same fate as the League of Nation as the power shifts Eastward and it becomes more irrelevant.

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You know your empire is starting to crumble when you have uppity neighbors bold enough to tell you the truth right to your face. Better manage this narrative, keep a lid on it!

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Glad AMLO is speaking out. Does he feel someone "has his back?"

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