And this says it all, he was a threat, he was eliminated.

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The last 8 months having had to witness this continuous genocide on innocent people in Palestine have opened my eyes wide open to the absolute corrupt, criminal, narcissistic US Empire. The real terrorists are them and their allies. Illegal wars galore for stealing natural resources and killing millions of people whilst also leaving a totally destroyed country in their wake plus millions of displaced people. The majority of refugees has been caused by them. The disgust and rage i feel cannot be described in words. Iran and the whole ME, Russia, China and Africa are not the enemies. It is Israhell, US, UK and EU. The western world rulers (never again can i say they are leaders) so depraved of humanity all to fill their own greedy palms is beyond normal. Their contempt and racism so clearly to be seen by everyone. I applaud BRICS wholeheartedly as indeed the almighty dollar has supported the west in being the real terrorists in the middle east and Africa. All these sanctions US hands out willy nilly is so utterly mind blowing. Peace will come from the global south when it reigns not the west. US, UK and EU have lost all credibility. Never again can be heard talking about human rights and international law as they themselves think to be above it. I hope that the predecessor of Raisi will follow his path regarding the global south direction as the lunacy of the west has to be stopped.

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Anybody want to hazard a guess as to why, Raisi and Iran were considered a danger to US national security???

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As much as I respect the many positive achievements of Raisi, I have great difficulty overlooking the apparent fact that he was a key player in the killing of 30,000 Iranians in the late 1980’s, according to Amnesty International. Would it not make sense to recognize this here?

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And you believe "Amnesty International" a US funded body?

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Iran isn't [colonial?] imperialist , at least I've seen ENUF , on fb for Bob Dayton, van bc Canada you will see how i "process" what I'm observing. I'm not vengeful or wicked but Social Democracy is my whipping post .

Gaza , West Bank , Somalia , Haiti , Venezuela - death to tge Realtors of Gaza, END THEM IN KIEV . Firing squad ALL Azov SUMMARILY .

Where is Nuland ; Sullivan ; Blinken ; Millei, Austin Bibi Yoav Gallant (some I'd put in a humane prison , and then IOF , Mossad persons of note quickly executed in (FUCK NUREMBURG , the lying fotzen)

Just a little sincerity is asked . If people want to cleanse Armenians , Arabs , condemn Africans to Rwanda , deny water rights to FNNA , take murderous exception to ie Nicaraguans over "the SPECTRE of Communism" hold women & children without charge or believable documentation THEN call out HAMAS (???)

Long live Ansarallah , Hamas , Hezbollah AND al shabab AND gangsters of NYC , Haiti (wtf did think).

SO I suggest a communist militia WW to dispel rumors of PROCRASTINATION .

Thanks Ben. your work is Golden , but it's time to declare all out fucking on the bibis and bidens . Black smoke over DC . Same for its equivalent in Israel and every corner of EUROPE UK CANADA (all social democracie's pampered parasites like Freeland Jolie Poilivier and NDP , Greens all legit targets for civilians to ARREST with support .

We have to get serious .

Their acts of war relieve any NEED to declare "WAR" .

Let's just say we've got a new project and since the righteous right project is readily determined a crim project we're apparently dealing with a colossal conspiracy . Cia Csis Mi6 Nato WOW back to the hague IN KIEV , US AUS all await Communist provisional governments .

How Sadomasochistic can people BE ?

You can see them lying barefaced DON'T let them walk around or an office EVER . - GOD the Devil (thanks) Bob Dayton Vancouver BC on FB https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61552088314860&mibextid=ZbWKwL daytonr8 is approx accurate on X , Threads .

One current project is my class action on Meta for slandering all the oeoplewhi give a shit by saying we aren't QUALIFIED to suss out the Truth and debate , refute , [support] while fotzen bomb Gaza, forget what Banderite means to Putin .

I haven't BEGUN .

I'm praying that Xi is [stalking] the hegemon while he pretends to Kow Tow , because you don't have any responsabilties to pirates, parasites. impostors , war "criminals" lol .

Genocide is not pertinent considering OUR leaders are still doing that .

Mass murder was the magic trigger and we IGNORED it from pre 1922 SU to the present day .

We are the enablers . We are culpable and better change our ways or we will be on probation with our post insurrection provisional governments .

One Party One Policy (Ford banned)

Properpropa &Counterganda Unlimited at your service until expiry .

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