Come on let’s be fair - at least the USA have given us fried chicken, Hollywood, gun violence and pornography - let’s keep things in proportion please !

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The Chinese foreign affairs list only the dry facts, there are no special facts and news here, the thinking person has been aware for quite some time that the USA is just a pirate republic that lives by subjugating and robbing the world.

I note that there was a time when this country was built by hardworking hands, but the "real owners" of the state outsourced production abroad for the sake of profit, so after there is nothing (apart from the extremely expensive and useless weapons production, where they are not ashamed to bill even an ordinary toilet seater 5000 USD price) that would be produced there, so the once busy middle class will slowly end up on the street ! And for that, the average tax-paying citizen is crunching chips while drinking Cool Aid and grinning!

The pirate republic will now suck its ally ( EU ) dry, sucking its industry ! After in a vile way, like an ordinary bandit, he blew up the main energy pipe network that supplied Europe with cheap energy ! Then, rolling its eyes, the US government denies the crime with a grin!

Tell me you in the USA have no shame in stabbing everyone in the back!

After that, you would expect us to be your loyal allies, wouldn't you ? Fuck you !

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Quote professor J.Sachs: USA is the most violent war criminal on planet earth. It was founded base on racist genocidal murdering of the indigenous Indians, stole their land, put them in "concentration camps" and made them alcoholics, completely destroying their culture and language. Amazingly, today in 2023 it still behaves this way.

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The Emperor’s new clothes are being pointed out. The Wizard of Oz’s curtain is becoming see-through.

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You might be wrong there. The Emperor *does* have new clothes: military dress uniform over kevlar body armor.

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…and robot dogs:)

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I’m glad to have seen this, a decent read.

Not much new here.

It seems to actually pull a lot of punches.

Diplomats prevailed.

It does call out much US historical militancy. Fair enough.

But the lack of mention of the environmental devastation and huge inequities wrought by the systemic extraction and consumption patterns in which China plays a role raises deep concerns.

Given the global nature of the dollar economy and the international nature of the giants who run it my hope would be that a socialist critique of the global hegemony would get beyond nationalist rhetoric.

This critique rather reflects a state capitalist perspective.

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There is plenty of hegemony to go around. Certainly the US is hegemonic in the extreme but we have many other contenders. We must go after the real puppeteers here - of which there are many. Time to return to some elementary first principles.


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