This is a great telling of history but to imply that 200,000 people didn’t have to die ignores that fact of war and what happens in all types of aerial bombings. Do not forget that the allies carpet bombed Germany and killed millions of civilians and if the A-Bomb wasn’t dropped on Japan one has to assume that there would have been a similar number of civilians killed via conventional bombing as the A-Bomb killed. The choice is and never was kill 200k civilians or kill zero, war is not that simple.

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Truth in history is critical just as a true history of the US.

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Thanks Ben for educating me.

The horrific nature of the history and the depth of the atrocities makes it really tough - for me-

to absorb.

The 90 minute video about Abe though overwhelmed me. You repeated yourself so many times that it does not flow. I know you are capable of compelling narrative but it seems that your anger - righteous anger focused as appropriate on the US complicity in ahistorical lies about genocidal hideous crimes - effects a sputtering rage that obscures the story via the choppy report.

Clearly we are yet dominated and constrained by powerful anti - communist elements around the world. It is terrifying to consider the history of carnage and terror these forces have imposed for many decades now.

I appreciate very much the courage and scope of your journalism.

May you find plentiful and widening circles of allies and support in your work.

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